Meet dustin & tonya

Head Viking & Head Vixen

Dustin Johnson

My name is Dustin Johnson and I am a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.

I started coaching with my wife Tonya in 2018, with one goal in mind. Help people become the most ELITE version of themselves.

From athlete, to drug addict, to debt depression and obesity, I’ve fought through it all.

In 2012 I went to treatment for drugs and alcohol. At 6000 milligrams of prescription pills a day, 3 packs of cigarettes, and a 12 pack of diet mountain dew a day habit, piled on top of a shit diet, my life was a disaster.

1 day at a time and one choice at a time, I started taking my health back. I had to change my MINDSET, cause a bad one wasn’t getting me nowhere. I had to find things to fill the void of drugs and alcohol, and I chose FITNESS and NUTRITION. All in order to become the most ELITE version of MYSELF, before I started helping others do exactly that.

I have fought through the depths of hell and am more than happy to go there with you too. But you have got to want it. No half assing, or excuses. Hard work, willingness to learn, and a ruthless commitment to your ELITE self is what’s required!

You have what it takes? Let’s get together on a call and see what we can do!

Tonya Johnson

My name is Tonya Johnson, I am a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist through Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. The reason I became a nutrition coach was my passion and drive to help others take their health back just like I did when I had finally reached my breaking point.

Over the years I have suffered with the disease of endometriosis, which eventually resulted in a hysterectomy at the age of 26. I was broken inside. I felt there was no one to turn to for help, so I reached for drugs and alcohol to numb my pain. Not only was I suffering with disease, but both my husband and I were suffering with addiction, debt, and depression and fueling each other more.

At this point our nutrition and fitness were non-existent. We ate fast food a majority of the time, partied hard, and stayed out into the late hours of the night. This type of behavior became a regular occurrence. I became overweight and out of shape, smoking at least a pack of cigarettes a day. My life was a mess.

 It wasn’t until I took a personal inventory on myself and realized that in order for me to become ELITE, I had to invest 100% into me and my health. I had to get rid of the excuses and show up and do the work. It wasn’t easy, but by changing my NUTRITION, following a FITNESS plan and a change in my Mindset, I was able to stay on track and become one of the ELITE.

And that’s where I’m at today. I’m here to help you crush your goals and build the most ELITE version of YOURSELF. No excuses. If you’re serious about your health and want to take it to the ELITE level, then let’s work together to make it happen.