Featured Member For March

Tell us your story?

Ironically, I started my fitness (strength) journey on 4.29.20. There was an ahhhhh moment in January of 2020, I went to pickup one of our Pyrenees puppies (50lbs) and I could not do it. Not only could I not pick our puppy, but the puppy also knocked me down flat on my rear and all I could see was me (31 years old) at 384 pounds not being able to get up. I had to crawl over to our porch steps to get up.

In that moment, I was ashamed about how I am so weak and out of shape. Then on top of that my kids were crying because mommy fell and hurt herself. I knew I had to do something. I had a friend that was a BeachBody Coach and I contacted her and signed up to be a coach and started doing the home workouts and taking the supplements.

If my bedroom furniture & carpet should share stories a well. I believe they would have several stories to tell about me crying, sweating, bleeding, and yelling, but the one thing they would not be able to tell you is that I quit. Yes, I might have had a 3week break back in October 2020 (due to Covid 19), but I never quit. Even when I was crying doing the last 60 second of Tabata (trying not to puke) or when I promised myself, I would do a whole 8-week workout session with 10lb weights. Yes, 10pound weights! Might not be heavy for some of you, but let me tell you, when I started out using 2-pound weights, it was a lot for me.

My kids are my WHY and keep pushing me, even when I do not have any gas left in my tank.

What are your Current Fitness Goals?


When April 29th, 2021 gets here, I have been on my journey for 1 year and I’m happy to say I have lost 5” everywhere and 55 pounds. I wish (most days) it would be more weight than that, but I am happy with where I am at. I have lost more inches, than weight currently.
I am currently at 329 pounds and I have a goal to lose 100 more pounds. I have been setting little goals and striving to reach them but losing weight does not come easy for me. I have also set a goal to start tracking my food since joining Vikings & vixens and be more in tune with what I put in my mouth.

I also have a goal of doing 4 Density reps (10-15 per exercise) every day in my DCT-T Training.

Also, I want to be able to do a surrender with out needing assistance from my knee or floor to lean on.

What is your favorite thing about Vikings and Vixens Community?
The interaction, support, and information. Knowing there are others trying each day to be better than yesterday, really helps keep me in line with my goals.


What is your favorite Meal?

Hamburger Pattie with a slice of swiss cheese and Heinz 57 and a side salad with (Walden Farms) Ranch. I never knew about Walden Farms till I joined the group, what a difference!


What is your favorite workout?



Tell us one thing we do not know about you?

I’m a certified A.I. breeder for beef cattle.


What are some words of encouragement to others?

Do not stop believing in you, it never gets easier, you just get stronger!

Yes, you are going to mess up and tomorrow is a new day to get it right!

No matter what, someone is always watching what you are doing. I tell myself this every day!

Featured Member For February 

I’m 44 and Married my high school sweetheart almost 26 years ago, we have 4 kids together (3 adults and our youngest is 16).  Run a couple successful businesses.  I’ve battled episodic depression most of my life and am currently winning.  I beat cancer in my hand in 2020 and completed Phase 0 and Phase 1 of 75 HARD while having hernia surgery in between.  Since meeting Dustin and Tonya, alongside living the “LIVE HARD” lifestyle, I’ve dropped from 245lbs to 222lbs today.   

What are your current fitness goals?  

Hover at 195lbs-205lbs with the discipline to maintain, but also have fun staying healthy.

What is your favorite thing about the Vikings and Vixens Community?  

Dustin and Tonya are super supportive and encouraging.  I also trust them to call my bullshit when I need it most.

What is your favorite meal?  


What is your favorite workout? 

Anything outdoors, Trail Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you? 

I’ve coached 30+ youth and high school teams including football, softball, baseball and soccer.

What are some words of encouragement to others? 

Tell the truth every damn day, no matter the consequence.  To yourself and to everyone you come in contact with.  Once you start doing this, it eliminates the chaos in your life and allows you to set boundaries to take care of yourself!