The Vikings & Vixens Tour 


In the morning of the events we will be at a park setting, doing a group workout led by Dustin and Tonya, then we will gather round and have some nutrition talk and how to eat healthier, we will have a guest speaker after that, someone local if possible, that can share a bit of their journey and where they are headed. We will provide water, refreshments, any items or equipment needed, as well as goody bags where we will put business cards or samples in, we will be giving each person a copy of our book, and at each stop we will be giving away one of our travel kits worth $200. We are doing a meet and greet after the event where we will have the bus, and a table set up with tshirts and books and samples as souvenirs. Then for the general public we will be finished up at around noon. 


These morning events are going to be a free will donation to A Champions Shoes that helps young kids and athletes get the shoes they deserve to play and be a kid, so we will be supporting that with all donations for the morning session.



In the afternoon we will be renting an airbnb suitable to seat comfortably 12-15 people in the living space available where we will have a VIP intimate mastermind diving into building healthy lifestyles that suits your needs. There we will provide snacks, refreshments, catered food, and some adult beverages. The evening event will be a comfortable and intimate mastermind where we will go through some exercises and help build an excellence mindset, as well as what is holding you back currently and making a plan to move past that. Then we will have dinner, as a group, network, and have some good time with our family and get to know more people. 

The cost for the VIP evening will be $99 a person with a limit of 10 to keep it intimate. This money will help us with travel expenses and begin our journey to holding events, speaking on stage, writing more books, and getting us out to the world even more. We believe in ourselves and what God has in store for us. The pull to do this tour has been fun. We are blessed, we are excited and we are anxious to get the show on the road!

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